Modern Interior Design in a Traditional Home

The question is: How do we do modern interior design in a traditional home? Here is one answer. This beautiful, historic home is nestled off the square in a small town outside of Des Moines. It is amazing.

We wanted to breathe new life into this living room while adding a modern twist. We stuck with timeless, classic lines. Our goal was to complement, not over power the finer details. After all, when you have a turret in your living room, it is going to command some attention

The soft yellow Brockton chairs in a whimsical print was the starting point for this room. It gives a nod to the exterior color — but is still nice with the cream sofa and navy leather recliner. What a nice spot to cozy up by the fireplace and unwind. The beautiful continuity of the hardwood floors lets us anchor the space with an area rug.

The inlaid wood pattern in the entry echoes the front window pattern too. So much architectural interest here. And what is really great is that these details move right into the interior space – they are not just exterior decoration.

So… have we brought modern interior design into this traditional home? I think overall, we have. I think my clients can live a very modern lifestyle while honoring the past.

Isn’t that Aston Re-invented recliner in navy leather and walnut amazing? So comfortable and almost a piece of art. If you’re considering modern interior design in your traditional home, the Aston is a great piece to consider. It is timeless.

updating to modern interior from traditional

Of course, I have to show you the house exterior. The design is so iconic, its almost a movie set. From the little tower to the welcoming front porch to the host of details… we love it.


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