Planning Ahead Paid BIG Dividends For This Couple

How exciting to see this great organic-modern style home emerge from the hopes, dreams and ideas of a wonderful couple. We had the opportunity to start our process in the first days of the project. They came in early and just visited with us. This gave all of us the time to thoughtfully work on the details. Design is a conversation.

The exterior features natural earthy colors in the stone and the siding. Wonderful wood beams and wood siding accents elevate the look. Black iron, window frames and other trim add visual punch. It is a great example of what we mean by an organic-modern style home.

Laura & Bonita collaborated with the client on this project. It took in all the major home functions: living, dining, sleeping and working. From the first, we wanted to bring this great natural exterior look into their home. The clients had already committed to natural walnut cabinets with black accents (a really good choice!). Everything we did from there built on that design style and their natural surroundings.


The great room was the main focus since that’s where they would spend most of their time. We used a lot of leather in this design. Leather is easy-care (they do have dogs) and it looks beautiful too. The beautiful vintage-style rug gave us color cues. The Carmet sectional is covered in a beautiful tawny russet leather. It features a double wide chaise. The gorgeous ocean blue Comfort air chairs beautifully accent the natural walnut details. You can’t overlook the organic teak stool. Since there was so much wood in the home, we felt we had to tread lightly with accents. So, for the other tables we went with concrete and Bluestone.

Carmet sectional & Comfort Air chairs anchor the room
Here you see the rug colors and the pieces that it inspired
Black stools keep the focus where it belongs: the people and the food.

Three wood tones blend together wonderfully. Add in polished stone, black tile and black stools to clean design elements and you get an idea of Organic-Modern design style.

The Master bedroom is all about the view – so the Simon swivel recliners fit the bill. (Swivel is great when you have beautiful views inside and out.) The blue gray color is perfect off of their beautiful rug and 4 poster bed.

Simon Swivel Recliner

Rachel works from home. It was absolutely necessary for it to be both comfortable and functional. The black leather/natural walnut Aston chairs are gorgeous and have a hidden recliner in them too. They are so complimentary to the natural black tweed area rug.

The Aston Re-invented Recliner in black leather and walnut

I couldn’t be more excited and pleased with how this home turned out. The client loved it too! We were able to get them a lot of look for their money by listening to their needs and wants.

And of course… when their house was done – they didn’t have to wait for the furniture. It was ready to go!! Building can be stressful. Beginning early can relieve a bit of that stress.


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