Sweeter the Second Time Around

Love and Interior Design that is…

One of the best things about working with a client on a 2nd project is that I already know their style and preferences. Sure, our tastes evolve over time… but much remains the same.

This great client and I completed her dining room a year ago. One of the results was the new room immediately made the living room look dated.

There is much to love here. Its a really good space – a great place to spend time in.
The living room has great natural light and provides an open airy space. This is a great pallette to begin with.

This room never really functioned or looked how they wanted it to in the past. By visually taking everything out of it and looking at it from a floorplan perspective the pieces became obvious.  It is a big, beautiful room and needs to feel inviting and cozy. And the design style? Up-to-date, but not really contemporary. What we were going for was a New Classic look.

I wish every room had this great natural lighting

The unique shape of the Linkin sectional breaks up the long bank of windows and angles you perfectly towards the fireplace and conversation. The accent tables can be used anywhere they are needed whether entertaining or quietly enjoying. We weren’t afraid of the white sectional — it is a performance fabric and can be used by adults and grandkids alike.

Simple open shelves and mangle combine with stone on the fireplace for a cleaner, more up-to-date look.

The showstoppers are definitely the deep blue leather Comfort Air chairs from American Leather. They easily flow from position to position allowing everything from comfortably rocking grandkids – to sitting up sipping wine – to fully reclining with a great book. The raw brass accents are so warm against the blue tones in the room.

The custom art just completes the look and is perfectly sized for the wall space provided. We kept the rug subtle to not take away from the other great detail in the room.

I know they will be right at home here and I think anyone who visits will be too. Are you ready to make a transformation like this? If so, I am the designer for you.

Avatar About the author: Laura is a Senior Designer at by Design, having worked here since 1992. She graduated from Iowa State with a degree in Interior Design: ” I’ve always felt that your home and your room should reflect your taste and lifestyle, no matter the scale of the project we work on. If I’ve done my job well, you’ll find yourself feeling “at home” in your new surroundings… and hopefully we’ve had a lot of fun along the way.” | Laura’s Page