Jenn M

“I spoke with Laura about how the process works, and she offered to come see my place, measure the rooms I was looking to fill, and give me some suggestions. 

“She came over the following Monday, and instantly understood my aesthetic. She asked a number of questions about how I used furniture, what inspires me, and what would make me happy in my space. 

“On Wednesday, (2 days later!), she met me at the store with a number of recommendations that were incredibly spot on. I was stunned by how she instantly understood the look I was seeking, even though I myself couldn’t articulate exactly what I wanted. I made a few small tweaks to her choices and ordered the pieces, all within about 45 mins. 

“The process was incredibly quick, very tailored to my own specific wants and needs, and simply a joy. Laura has a special talent for understanding a client and presenting them with sophisticated and beautiful pieces to invest in.

“I’ll be recommending her to all my friends.”