When Home Touchdowns Meet Design Goals

At BY DESIGN, we’re all about creating spaces that score big on style and comfort. We must achieve your design goals. And who better to team up with than a homegrown hero from the LA Rams? That’s right, Des Moines’ very own Jake Hummel and his lovely fiancée Ashley decided to bring it all back home.

Jake’s journey from Dowling High’s football fields to the bright lights of the NFL is the stuff of local legend. Jake played football at Dowling high school and then Iowa State before starting his NFL career with the Rams. And when it came time to nest, he and Ashley had two design goals for sure: the designer had to be an Iowa State alum, and the pieces had to be locally sourced. Talk about playing for the home team!

design goals, When Home Touchdowns Meet Design Goals, BY DESIGN furniture + interior design

The couple’s new abode was a blank canvas, save for a few key areas they wanted to tackle first—the kitchen, living, and dining spaces. These rooms aren’t just part of a house; they’re the heart of it. So, we huddled up and drafted the perfect game plan: a Saloom boat-shaped table that’s not just a feast for the eyes but also extends to welcome the whole family huddle. Its warm maple top and striking black base are the MVPs of any gathering.

design goals, When Home Touchdowns Meet Design Goals, BY DESIGN furniture + interior design

But what’s a winning team without its supporting players? Enter our dual chair lineup: neutral faux leather pros with sleek black metal bases, ready to play nice with any interior. And for those moments of halftime relaxation, we’ve got the island seats covered in the same winning finishes.

home touchdowns design goals
Product Presentation

Jake & Ashley didn’t want to bring in old furniture. That means we began with a clean slate. You’ll notice that the wall art commands attention, sets a wonderful mood and, importantly, combines all of the colors we wanted to use: white, black, warm maple, neutral beige.

home touchdowns design goals
Design Mood Board

Now, let’s talk about the best seats outside the stadium—the backyard view. To make the most of it, we brought in swivel chairs that let you soak in the scenery without missing a beat. No TV needed here; it’s all about unwinding in style. The Ryder chairs, with their warm leather and nature-inspired design, are like a touchdown dance for your décor. And the Annette swivel chair? It’s the cozy hug in chair form, thanks to its wide wale corduroy fabric and pillows that weave cream and caramel tones into a pattern as comforting as a victory chant.

home touchdowns design goals

We’re rooting for Jake and Ashley to feel more at home than ever in their new Iowa digs. It’s a playbook for design goals that’s sure to win seasons of comfort and joy—far from the California sun and right in the heart of where it all began.

Jake and Ashley

Review From Jake and Ashley

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