Timeless Neutrals The Second Time Around

Connie and I worked together 17 years ago to initially furnish her living room, dining room, and kitchen.  Which means it was time for an update! The advantage of developing a long term relationship with a client is that I already know her taste and style and we didn’t have to start back at square one.


When redesigning these rooms, we went for a casual elegant look that wasn’t too fussy and felt more inviting. The goal was to make this room more usable than it had been in the past. Since we were still needed to work around the honey oak floors and a treasured secretary, we brought in tables in a new shaded slate color. This is a warm taupe colored stain that has a gray wash over it. This nice looking new slate color made it easy to blend some new gray tones with the warm oak that was already there.


I suggested a soft ivory Crypton fabric on the Charlotte sofa. Crypton fabric is stain, odor and moisture resistant…and while performance fabrics used to be rough and not that easy to live with, Crypton has overcome those hurdles.  We have a wide selection of Crypton fabrics at by Design that have a wonderful texture and hand, and they come in the most beautiful colors.  I knew that Connie would love a Crypton fabric on her sofa to make it easy to care for in the light color that we wanted for the room. The Charlotte sofa is one of our most comfortable pieces…you melt right into it which makes it the perfect place to relax. The two Eva chairs give a cozy feel by the fireplace. The Ava cocktail table beautifully anchors the room with its rich wood grain and interesting shape.
 Client living room
After photos of client project
After photos of client project
After photos of client project
One of my favorite pieces is the Madison Console with shagreen doors. Shagreen is a decorative material made to look like shark or ray skin. It adds a softer touch to the room than the previous armoire…and is a perfect place above which to display Connie’s gorgeous artwork. We wanted the color in the art to stand out and have the furniture there to compliment it.
Shagreen Console
The Ginn Fizz bar stools and dining set give a much simpler look to the kitchen eating area. I love the subtle pattern on these chairs.
After photos of client project After photos of client project
I am so flattered that Connie has continued to work with me for all these years – she’s a wonderful client and it’s relationships like these that make me love what I do!
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