Interior design for a freed up lower level project

Now that the kids have moved out…

This is an opportunity staring you in the face!

Not everyone would recognize that. My clients, Melissa and Dave did. This is a lower level space in their home. They decided that they wanted to maximize the seating and create a cozy space to watch sports or movies. An interior design lower level project. I love a mission!

Vision Board

Above is the vision board that I gave them during our presentation. Vision boards are great tools to bring together all of the elements we’re thinking of placing in the room. You get to see the shapes, the colors, the textures and how each relates to the other in one concise presentation.

Maximize seating? The Horizon sectional with the unique angle configuration and chaise does all of that and more. The Baxter storage ottoman in a rich leather keeps the room from being bland and keeps blankets nearby.

The Brant chair easily swivels to the tv or back to conversation. I absolutely love the versatility and function that swivels add to a room. So – not a bad seat in the room. And – the room actually looks bigger with this fresh new take!

Floor plan & fabric swatches

An interior design lower level project like this one deserves special thought for the lighting. We’ve spec’d a floor lamp and a table lamp. These add two more heights of light source to the overhead lighting. The more levels you can bring light from – the more you’ll see your room sparkle.

Do you have a challenging area?…

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