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When Rich & Christy came into By Design, they were surprised to find that we have furniture that actually “fit” them and that they could have it customized to get exactly what they wanted. Laura explained the design process and how she could make it so easy for them. The couple quickly set up a [...]

Before diving into furniture design, it’s crucial to have a clear understanding of how you intend to use a space. Jessica recently worked with a client, Kathi, who was adding a new addition to her home that would fulfill multiple purposes. The intention was to create a versatile living space that would be conducive for [...]

A plan to transform a modern townhome

Dean & Linda had relocated here to be close to their kids and 7 grandkids! They quickly found that their current furnishings were not the right look or scale for their new, more modern townhome. The main goal was to have it not only look good but be user-friendly too. This modern townhome transformation with [...]

Choices! Blending the right pieces, products, fabrics and finishes is the foundation of a beautiful, stylish room. You have a unique story to tell and you tell it through your room…

Here are the top 3 interior design trends our designers noticed at the recent High Point Furniture Market. 1. Whimsical From new interesting patterns to unique accessories, this market showed us a lot of fun ways to insert some out of the box elements into designs. What’s more playful than a sculpture of your favorite [...]

When Abbie & Rob from Johnston stopped in to BY DESIGN to get ideas for their newly remodeled living room, they weren’t expecting to have it all figured out that day. However, that’s exactly what happened! And that is living room design made easy. They were greeted by Jessica who showed them around the store [...]

Cottage style interior design evokes ideas of sand and shells and sun. There are a million great ways to do cottage style. Here is q quick look at ours. We renovated an old fishing cottage in 1996 at Spirit Lake.  It was tons of work.  My husband did most of the work – with an [...]

Let’s talk project scale! We can tackle any size of home project you need. From a single end table to a whole home: our designers are up for the challenge! Jessica was presented with one such challenge with a recent client project. The clients were building their custom dream home in Cedar Falls and needed [...]

When Sally set out to find new furniture for her condo in Urbandale, she wasn’t expecting to find any interesting options due to her smaller living space. She quickly realized that would not be the case when she stopped into BY DESIGN for the first time. Jessica helped her create a design that was practical [...]

Ottomans have emerged as a design focus feature along with their obvious function. Some things to consider about ottomans.

I first met Cynthia to help her pick out a new light fixture for her Great Room in her Marshalltown home. With her interesting ceiling design, it could not be just an ordinary chandelier. That wood framing detail calls for attention and demands something special. Once we connected on the perfect light, the rest of [...]

Comfort. Designing a space that rides the line of Organic Modern style fully encompasses the word “comfort.” Organic Modern style is dependent on texture and shape. It generally pieces together a blend of the Scandinavian, rustic, and mid-century modern designs that we all adore! I was inspired by the Harrison Sofa and a wonderful Feizy [...]

Jessica’s client was looking to replace some old furniture in their great room space when she came to BY DESIGN. She fell in love with the Milford sofa which turned out to be the perfect scale for their large, open living room in their Urbandale home. The Inspiration: Milford Sofa Jessica made a house call [...]

Furnishing a historic home can be daunting! How do you bring modern comfort to the home without completely clashing with its original charm? Jessica’s client, Melinda, faced that challenge. How do we honor her lovely craftsman era home in Des Moines? Our Fabric & Finish selections The client wanted a space that was comfortable for [...]

Within a couple months of completing their main floor living room, repeat clients Tracey & Greg decided they wanted Jessica’s help with their lower level family room project too. So we were on to another level!

The question is: How do we do modern interior design in a traditional home? Here is one answer. This beautiful, historic home is nestled off the square in a small town outside of Des Moines. It is amazing. We wanted to breathe new life into this living room while adding a modern twist. We stuck with [...]

Recent clients of Jessica’s have been long-time BY DESIGN fans. As they say, their “whole house is from BY DESIGN.” So when they were working on a large-scale remodel of their home in West Des Moines, they decided they wanted a new look for their furniture as well. Naturally, they returned to BY DESIGN for [...]