Laura Beeler


Laura Beeler

Laura Beeler Designer at by Design

Laura is a Senior Designer at by Design, having worked here since 1992. She graduated from Iowa State with degree in Interior Design.
“I’ve made so many friends in the years that I’ve been at by Design. I suppose that is a natural consequence of working so closely with a client on something that is so close to their heart: their home. I’ve always felt that your home and your room should reflect your taste and lifestyle, no matter the scale of the project we work on. If I’ve done my job well, you’ll find yourself feeling “at home” in your new surroundings… and hopefully we’ve had a lot of fun along the way.”

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Reviews for Laura

J Miller

We worked with Laura during our experience and she made it very enjoyable and stress free! She found exactly what we were looking for and...


My husband and I worked with Laura to select our furniture. As soon as we walked in, Laura greeted us. We began working with her...

Karen & Mike H

Laura worked with us on a small redo of our living room.  I was impressed because I am confident that I received the same level...

Cathy G

We have been so fortunate to work with Laura Beeler for over 30 years. She has helped us furnishing whole rooms and doing updates with...

Ashley A

I had the best relationship working with the staff of By Design and specifically Interior Designer Laura Beeler. I knew from the moment I wanted...

Val W

I really enjoyed working with Laura Beeler. She made the process of picking out a sofa and chair for my living room surprisingly easy, and...

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