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Should you consider interior design color drenching for your project? Maybe. The central idea here is to use one color – one hue – and to drench your space in tonal variations of it. Oftentimes walls, drapes, windows, trim and furniture all live in this color family. AUDACIOUS? Certainly. But consider. You do much of [...]

white is the perfect neutral

We want to make the case for using white colors as a neutral in your interior design. Neutral colors are foundational to today’s interior design. Several factors account for the wide use of a neutral base for a room. Neutrals provide a “canvas of color” – a base – that gives you the freedom to [...]

Design impact you can make in weeks rather than months These days a “quick holiday room refresh” may sound like a pipe dream. You’ve heard the stories: supply chain problems, long order times, yadayadayada. But don’t fear, design lover… there are things that you can get done. There are changes that you can make before [...]

There is a powerful, new aesthetic moving into interior design and furniture design. This post shows the New Naturals Design Trend impact in the Dining Room. It is expressed in many ways: materials, profiles, colors, fabrics and more. The common thread – the essential idea – is “warm, organic and natural”. This look is elegant [...]


This interior design fall color trend is perfect! Terracotta & Spice. It looks, sounds and feels warm and cozy. And Fall is the time we think about making our homes a bit more cozy. To demonstrate, here are a few ideas for introducing Terracotta and Spice into your home: Wall art is a simple but [...]

8 Living Room Sofa Ideas

The sofa is usually the largest and most important piece in a living room. It is an important investment and deserves your best effort. We’d like to offer these eight living room sofa ideas to get you thinking beyond the basics. Scale your sofa for your room But what does that mean exactly? It isn’t [...]

We saw a thousand great new things at the High Point Furniture Market. Occasionally old is new. So this new furniture style is – the Metro Sectional. That’s right, one of our favorite sofas is now available as a sectional. Here’s the Metro sofa that we’ve come to know and love: Metro sofa in fabric [...]

Custom order furniture is what we do at BY DESIGN. We love custom furniture for our clients for so many reasons (read six reasons to choose custom furniture here). We’ve selected sources for our furniture who are among the fastest in the industry. Unfortunately, production is slow across the board right now. Nevertheless, we know [...]

Your furniture does not have to be one identical piece among the thousands that rolled of a production line and shipped to a warehouse store.

New Wood Finish Trends

From 2021 High Point Market New furniture finish trends. You have questions: Are today’s wood finishes staying gray? Are they going to dark finishes. Are light finishes the hot new trend? YES. YES. And YES. And that is great news. There is no one dominant wood finish trend. There are several powerful (and beautiful) new [...]

The New Classics interior design style is a blend of traditional design elements with very up-to-date fabrics and forms. A great look.

2021 TANNERY Color Trend


This warm, spicy 2021 interior design color trend is great for any season. You’ll love it every time you come into your room.

What is Hygge?

In case you hadn’t encountered the term: “Hygge [hoog-uh] (especially in reference to the Danish lifestyle) the feeling of coziness and contentment evoked by simple comforts, as being wrapped in a blanket, having good conversations, enjoying food, etc.” It is simple. Hygge is comfort. Hygge is coziness. So what does that have to do with [...]

The Modern Luxury Design Style is the unabashed embrace of luxury living in today’s contemporary style. It uses elegant fabrics and beautiful finishes. The scale and lines of upholstery pieces reinforce this feeling of elegance. Comfort is never sacrificed. Worn finishes may be used, but when they are, they still denote beauty and luxury – [...]


If you like beautifully styled modern sofas, sectionals and chairs, you’ll love EASE. First let’s talk style. Here are a few examples of the EASE collections great styles. (We’d love to show you more!) Here is the Tess sofa. Flowing lines are emphasized by tight back and bench seat. Sculpted flair arms and steel legs [...]

New Bedroom Intro Videos

New Bedroom Introductions Here are some great Four Hands products in bedroom designs. Four Hands excels at the Modern Casual or Organic Modern design style so popular today. We love these looks! Featured here: Dalton Headboard is coolly modern, featuring natural top-grain leather paneling features whipstitch detailing for a touch of texture, wrapping gunmetal-finished [...]

The Light Wood Finish Trend

The Light Wood Finish Trend We’re not saying light finishes are supplanting dark ones. They are not. Rather we’re seeing a rising light wood finish trend across furniture and interior design categories in the Casual Styles. What do you call this? It depends. We’re seeing descriptions of “light oak”, “bleached walnut”, “bleached & spalted oak” [...]

Four Hands has introduced stunning new living room pieces. The ideas will be reflected in many design-forward rooms in the coming year. Take a look! Featured here: The Bingham Coffee Table: An organic-spirited statement piece. A drum-style coffee table of distressed iron rests within a sculptural cradle base of rustic, character-rich oak with beautiful [...]

2020 Designer Picks

Just a few of the great new products and designs that have caught our designer’s eyes.


Outdoor furniture is looking less and less like… “outdoor”. The reason is simple. Our outdoor spaces are becoming more important to us. And we want the same level of sophistication there as inside the house. Of course there are implications. How about Iowa weather, sun fade, dirt, cleaning codes and all of the other things [...]

Jessica and Angela introduce the Louise Variations Collection Variations styles like the Louise are important tools to help us create your perfect room. Here’s why: We have a Louise sofa and two chairs on our floor – each in a different configuration. We also have an arm variation display. You can sit on each and [...]


INTRODUCING… We’re excited to show you the new collection of sofas and sectionals we’ve brought into our Modern Luxury room at BY DESIGN. We now have the Carmet sectional on our floor. And this single sectional represents a myriad of design possibilities for you. Because each style has three sofa configurations, a loveseat, two chair [...]