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  Incredible comfort.   Great style.   Incredible comfort. Unsurpassed quality. Wait… did we mention incredible comfort? It is worth risking redundancy to talk about the comfort of the Kaden. We’ve loved the Kaden in every color of leather (and occasionally fabric) that we’ve tried it in. Every. Single. One. We’ve done deep red. We’ve done [...]


Our friends at Saloom Furniture have introduced the South End Collection.  Taking it’s inspiration from the hip, eclectic culture developing in Boston’s South End neighborhood, South End seeks to combine the visual and literal strength of oak and steel with a contemporary design aesthetic. We’re thinking of this collection as Industrial Design meets Organic Modern. [...]

Choose the Right Rug

Rug Selection

Don’t make your rug choice an after-thought. It is important!

O Christmas Tree

girl and dog in front of tree

The Saturday after Thanksgiving is one of my favorite days of the year…it’s the day we pick out our Christmas tree! 


Use amazing specialty glass surfaces to create the perfect cocktail, end or console table for your room. Create that special piece that elevates your interior design.

The Versatile Drink Table

Grace Drink Table

More Good News From Market Drink tables are so versatile, so usable, just such a valuable furniture addition to any living room or family room. Their small size means you can fit them in almost anywhere. But they are magic when you’re entertaining and can just scoot them up beside a guest or two to [...]


The Taylor collection is an elegant new introduction from the recent High Point market. It offers a selection of stain colors and finish options on the wood tops and several finish options for the steel bases. These wonderful tables are hand-forged in America. Their artisan quality makes them truly a piece to be prized for [...]


There is nothing better than your own lodge. Do you have visions of snuggling up beside a fireplace with a throw and a cup of hot chocolate? Create that warm lodge look in your home and enjoy your own cozy cabin every time you come inside. It doesn’t have to be traditional you know. Look [...]


Interior Design Inspiration Fast Company ( recently published a post showing the homes and apartments of some top creative talent. We thought you might enjoy taking a look. If a few of the rooms seem a bit whacky – give ’em a break. Think of the pressure of having been identified as ” a top [...]


by Design client’s loft featured in Iowan Magazine. We’ve featured this sophisticated loft in one of our project posts, and now Iowan Magazine has done an article about it. The loft features magnificent views, open spaces and a walk-able neighborhood. When you add in the beautiful interior design that the Faber’s and by Design have [...]


New to Des Moines, they picked Laura Beeler and by Design. And the results are spectacular. Contemporary but comfortable, incredible style yet approachable. The partnership between the Lentz’s and by Design’s Senior Designer Laura Beeler worked just as it’s supposed to. Then we mentioned the project to Sherry Failor and Welcome Home Magazine. She thought it would [...]


American Leather Furniture Shows How Customer Service Is Done I just got back from High Point, N. Carolina. It is the major furniture show in the US (and the largest in the world). Laura and I always go, and this year Drea came with us. It is always so fun to order and see what is [...]


Try Mixing Contrasting Elements in Your Room Design. Yin and yang. Sweet and sour.  Symmetry and Asymmetry. Mixing contrasts works so well in so many contexts. And interior design is no different. In fact, it may be a required aspect in a great room. You can use contrasts to: Surprise & delight with the unexpected [...]


An elegant and functional piece you should consider adding to your room. This Knickerboker bar cabinet was such a stunning piece at the High Point Furniture market that we knew we had to feature it in a post. Generally a cabinet is not a focal point for a room.  However, the Knickerboker may be the [...]

3 ways to save money

Don’t sacrifice your dream room. Can I afford to go to by Design and let interior designers help me with my room? Absolutely, you can!  I always am horrified that people think we are over-priced and snobby because we are all designers here.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  All of the designers here [...]


Summer is here!  Finally!  Summer is a great time to freshen up our homes and lives.  It is a good time to think about how you want your life to be and how you want your home to look.  This is important stuff and is deserving of some thought.  Here are a few questions to [...]


requires the passion and skilled hands of many artisans to complete. From sorting and coloring the raw wool to weaving, tufting and hand knotting, to well washing, sun drying and applying the finishing touches, here we offer a fascinating glimpse into this multi-layered and intricate process

How Big a Rug Do You Need?


There is a perfect area rug size… but it depends on what you are trying to accomplish.  Do you want to: Add a pop of color or focal point? Bring the furniture & accents together? Define a space? Finish a room? Soften a traffic pattern? I’m not trying to waffle here.  You need to think [...]