Today’s Best Design Trends

Whatever the name of the style you begin your project with is not important. Because your room should end up being “Your Style”. These design trends are simply the starting point to creating your perfect room and telling your story. But, every one of these looks is evolving in 2020.

Organic Modern

Styles as diverse as California Casual, New Farmhouse and Modern Casual fall into this category. In fact, this look is becoming more sophisticated in 2020. What won’t change: Worn surfaces, weathered finishes and hand-forged patina… but in a thoroughly modern room.  Upholstery that you can curl up and snuggle into. Upholstery that is deep, plush and inviting. These three words: CASUAL – MODERN – COMFORT. All with the best modern design. Natural materials for decor and accents work especially well. Great Modern Casual rooms are visually and emotionally captivating.

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New Classic

New Classic is not old traditional AT ALL. It is far more sophisticated and more elegant. And surprisingly modern. It is the intersection of classic forms and today’s updated design style. There is nothing tired, nothing boring and nothing traditional about New Classics. If you are New Classics person, you love to mix a treasured piece with a brand new acquisition – as long as they tell the same, elegant story. You feel that those special details on each piece elevate a room to something special. Finishes and fabrics in a New Classics room might be rich and luxurious or might be more worn and comfy… depending entirely on what you love.

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Modern Eclectic

Modern Eclectic simple – but very chic. Up-to-date – but not harsh. Pieces are usually more tailored and less rumpled . Finishes are cleaner and less worn. A Modern Eclectic room is warm and comfortable, but never sacrifices beauty. It has a neat, put-together feel. The color palette is upbeat. Some Modern Eclectic rooms embrace an updated mid-century-modern look, while others have no hint of it. What they have in common is the use of transitional design and a unique point of view. Your point of view.

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Modern Luxury.

Rich Minimalism is not a contradiction to you. The designs, materials and execution of this look becomes very architectural. When possible you prefer generously scaled pieces. And while your room can be very dramatic, it also also embodies a calm serenity when you need it to. Finishes and materials range from polished to worn. Fabric designs usually shy away from bold patterns or use them sparingly. But luxury predominates whichever direction the room goes. Pattern matching, e.g. where the same pattern flows from the wall to upholstered furniture or bedding, is trending here.

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Eclectic Collector.

If you’re a bit bohemian and completely open-minded in your design aesthetic… if friends consider you bold, even fearless… if you add what you love, and your personal sense of collection is what ties your look together… you may be an Eclectic Collector. Rich colors and detail often work well with this style. Add pieces selectively – your room is curated, not thrown together.

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Euro Contemporary.

Typified by Italian and Scandinavian design, this cutting-edge style incorporates simple, yet beautiful, lines with a scale that is ideal for today’s urban living. Practical yes. Comfortable surely. And technically advanced too. Euro Contemporary frequently incorporates neutrals but isn’t afraid of amazing color. Modern materials combine with time-honored materials to a surprising and wonderful affect. These rooms are so much fun, yet so beautiful.

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A Bit of Glamour.

You love details, don’t you? Molding, pattern or a pretty metallic finish. Ornate shapes are romantic and a bit of extra frill is so satisfying. You definitely use patterns, but they are subtle. Tufting is a wonderful detail and nailheads can enhance the lines and finish a piece perfectly. The dazzle of your room often comes from glowing metal finishes. You are so A Bit of Glam.  So embrace it.

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