What Are Performance Fabrics?

I want my furniture to look beautiful for years.

You’re absolutely right. It should. There are choices you can make that will give you the results you desire. Now don’t get me wrong, all of the upholstery-grade fabrics we carry at by Design go through rigorous testing to ensure durability and quality; however, there are some fabrics take these attributes to a whole new level.

Indoor/Outdoor Fabrics

Fabric collections such as Sunbrella and Duralee’s Pavilion line provide options in Indoor/Outdoor performance.  These fabrics have come a long way since their roots in awnings and shade umbrellas: the array of colors, patterns, and textures is breathtaking and is making its way into the home as well as outside of it.

This group of performance fabrics are solution dyed, so the pigments and molecules that increase the clean-ability and UV resistance factors are added before the yarn is even spun, let alone woven into the fabric.  Word has it that there is a swatch of Navy Sunbrella at headquarters that has been sitting in a jar of 100% bleach for 15 years and has yet to fade…now that’s durability!

Crypton Fabrics

Performance Fabric Info Tag

This collection of fabrics is the mortal enemy of stains, soils, and odors.  Similar to the indoor/outdoor fabrics, the solution combating all of these elements is embedded deep into fabrics core fibers, creating an invisible barrier – you wouldn’t have guessed based on the texture and feel of the fabric that there were extra forces at work.  This tag says it all, in an easy format I might add (I mean who really takes the time to read all the care handbooks and labels when they buy new things).

These are the two big names in performance fabrics right now, but more are on the way, ensuring us that we can give our clients every option possible for the fabrics they will bring into their homes.

“I’m already sold.”

Think about it – you get the already amazing quality options of sun/fade resistance and cleanability, combined with the increased durability and pleasing hand that you would expect on high-quality indoor furniture.  Its perfect for the family that entertains frequently has small children, or just plain wants to maintain the high-quality look of their furniture for as long as you expect it should.

Every market for the last five years has seen many new introductions in performance fabrics. That means new colors and comfort for your room. Come into by Design and ask a designer to show you performance fabrics on our huge fabric wall – I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Sunbrella fabric handle

About the author: Laura is a Senior Designer at by Design, having worked here since 1992. She graduated from Iowa State with a degree in Interior Design: ” I’ve always felt that your home and your room should reflect your taste and lifestyle, no matter the scale of the project we work on. If I’ve done my job well, you’ll find yourself feeling “at home” in your new surroundings… and hopefully we’ve had a lot of fun along the way.” | Laura’s Page