Want a Sleeper in an Impossible Space?

Narrow Stairs? Sharp Corners? Tiny Door? No Problem.

american leather sleeper-by Design Des Moines
An American Leather Sleeper can fit through this door!

A sofa sleeper could be the perfect solution to create a multipurpose room. Living room by day, bedroom by night. But, if that space is at the end of narrow hallway, around a tight corner or at the top of a narrow staircase, making that happen could be difficult.

by Design has the perfect solution: The Comfort Sleeper by American Leather.

The Comfort Sleeper can be disassembled for delivery to tight spaces. In many cases removing just the back panel will gain the extra clearance needed. The bed can be removed from the frame to lighten the load. And, for more challenging destinations the entire sofa can be broken down then re-assembled in your room.

Not long ago one of our designers,  Laura Beeler,  purchased a Comfort Sleeper for herself.  Her family lives in an old farmhouse with narrow hallways and stairs, so it was a perfect solution. We took the sleeper apart at the store – and Laura took it home herself.  She had no problems moving the parts into the house. Together with her son, it took her less than an hour to reassemble the bolt-together Comfort Sleeper! Normally our delivery service would take care of the assembly for you, but this gives you an idea how well the Comfort Sleeper solves the problem.

As always, we love a challenge at by Design!

Disassembled Sleeper
Bryce Comfort Sleeper Open