Organic Modern Design Style

Organic Modern is one of the most popular interior design styles for our BY DESIGN clients. And it’s no wonder. It is a trend that is an irresistible combination of modern living, natural materials and comfort.

1 Living Rooms

Lyla sofa and Kaya swivel chair

This room is a great illustration of the materials often seen in organic modern interior design style. Comfortable, neutral easy-to-care-for fabrics on upholstery. Wood tones warm up the room. Metal finishes, like this hand-hammered look are a terrific choice. Wicker and rattan reinforce the natural theme that this room evokes. Plus a little greenery!

Langham channeled sectional

Another organic modern room blends wood tones, natural-looking metal finishes, greenery and stone to evoke a serene, comfortable feeling. The boldly striped rug prevents the room from being too neutral. Though both of these rooms featured light fabrics, any nature-oriented color story works. The emerging terracotta and spice color combinations would be smashing.

2 Home Office

Lunas executive desk and Enfield chairs

The same comfortable materials and ideas about organic modern interior design style are shown here in home office.

3 Dining


Once again this room features wood, rattan, metal and greenery. The hide rug is the element that adds the character and pop to this room. Rattan chairs are certainly a bold choice. Many clients would choose wood or metal and introduce the rattan in the room with accents. Practicality is imperative… but we admire boldness too.

4 Bedroom

Anderson Bed

The best bedroom interior design conveys an unmistakable sense of rest. Organic modern interior design style makes this easy. Bring texture into play: Metal bed is upholstered in a classic cream-colored boucle. Decorative leather straps add a material-driven touch with contrast. Don’t be afraid of different, natural feeling wood tones in the same room!

5 Accents

Natural wood accents are a big part of Organic Modern interior design style…add some caramel leather chairs and you’re also on the right track.  Keep the wood natural colored…dark wood reads too contemporary, and light wood can go too Scandinavian. Same with the leather color…don’t go too dark or you’ll miss the mark on the natural vibe we’re looking for.

Bring the look together with pops of color, lots of texture in the accessories, and greenery wherever possible! We also like adding texture to the walls and ceilings with beams and paneling – either painted or left in natural wood tones.