Skilled craftsmanship. Artisanship. These are the essence of Custom Furniture

If your idea of a factory is robots buzzing around a darkened building… that just is not custom furniture. Instead you should picture skilled workers, building custom pieces one by one. They truly are artisans.

They live in Ohio, Dallas, North Carolina, Georgia, Massachusetts and Virginia. A few live in India or Italy. And they are creating beautiful things for your home in Iowa.

Creating Amelie. From design concept through to to actually building a custom sofa. The teamwork – the joining of minds and hands – is typical of all custom upholstery.

Building the Omega Collection. Hand forged steel in wonderful designs, custom wood finishes and beautiful glass. This is rare artisanship that we are proud to talk about.

Inside Our Doors. One day in Norwalk Furniture’s custom furniture factory. The people who make it happen.

The Coastal Collection. In the Mountains of North Carolina, there is of forge. A real forge, where they design then build hand hammered iron and steel furniture of incredible beauty.

A Day in the Life at American Leather. So many things come together to create your custom furniture. Here’s a great video showcasing American Leather. One of our most valuable partners.

How it’s made: The Comfort Sleeper. We call it the finest sleeper on the planet. It’s designed, engineered and finally hand built to be the best.

Our Story by Saloom. We’ve proudly sold Saloom custom dining furniture from Massachusetts for years and years. Here are the people behind that story.

Vanguard. The Art of Upholstery. Vanguard builds high-end custom furniture with amazing design. Vanguard probably presents more choices in fabrics, leathers, finishes and other custom options than any other furniture manufacturer.

Calligaris. Here is where everything starts. From a single chair, Calligaris grew to become a worldwide producer of Euro-Contemporary Design furniture.

Chandra Carpet. Worldwide textiles and traditions combine with colors, colors and more colors in rugs of fathomless selection.

Caperton Furniture: Meet the Builders. Hear Gat Caperton talk about his Virginia company, employees and hand built wood products.

The Hands and Hearts of Surya. An incredible combination of antiquity and the modern world meeting in one company.

Custom Furniture

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