What are high performance fabrics?

by Design supplier, Norwalk Furniture, has identified fabrics which exhibit outstanding performance. They have designated these as Performance Plus fabrics. There are two categories:


“Microfibers” is a generic term referring to fabrics woven of extremely fine filament yarns. Because these
yarns are so fine, they can be woven into fabrics of extremely dense composition. This denseness of yarn
makes it possible for such fabrics to be extremely resistant to wear and seam failure, very stain‐resistant, and
easily cleanable.


Cleaning microfibers: Almost any stain on a microfiber can be cleaned with a solution of mild soap and water.
First, remove any excess substance with a spoon or plastic knife. Then, using a clean white cloth, simply rub
the stained area using gentle circular strokes, and the stain will be removed. This even includes mustard stains!
Blot with a damp clean sponge or white cloth, and gently brush the fabric nap to aid drying.


Sunbrella® branded fabrics are woven of 100% solution‐ dyed acrylic yarn. This means that the yarn receives its color while still in liquid form, before being extruded into filament, and spun into yarn. More importantly, it means that color is a permanent part of such fabrics, withstanding direct sunlight, and even undiluted bleach! Fabrics woven of such yarns are, by definition, extremely color‐fast and cleanable.

Because acrylic yarn is not characterized by a high degree of tensile [breaking] strength, durability of fabrics
woven of 100% acrylic would be considered medium. Summarizing, Sunbrella® fabrics have two claims to
fabric fame‐ cleanability and color fastness.


Cleaning Sunbrella® fabrics: First, remove any excess substance using a spoon or plastic knife. Most stains on
Sunbrella® fabrics can be easily cleaned with a mild soap and water solution. Spot clean by sponging briskly
with a solution of natural soap in lukewarm water. Rinse thoroughly with clean water to remove soap, and air
dry. For stubborn stains, use fabric spot remover, following the directions on the container.

So… while all Norwalk fabrics are tested and are backed by an exclusive one‐ year warranty. However,
when cleanability, color fastness, or durability are particularly important, fabrics identified as Performance
Plus are worth considering.

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