A Wonderful Home and an Incredible Client

A Fresh and Sophisticated Space

A few months ago, a sweet lady named Dawn came into by Design seeking interior design help with two rooms. Frankly, I wasn’t sure where to start. Little did I know, helping her with this project would turn out to be one of the most fun projects I’ve ever done… and a great bonding experience.

Dawn really wanted a fresh new look. She told me she wanted to change the carpet and wall color in the two connecting rooms. She said that she liked neutral colors that would flow together. Here are two “before” pictures of the spaces of this Urbandale home that we were working with: a sitting room coming off of the front entrance and the dining room:


Sitting room “before” shot


Dining room “before” shot

Dawn wondered about choosing carpet and paint color(s) in these spaces. I told her that its almost always best to pick out the furniture, fabrics, leathers, and rug for the space first – making it easier to narrow down carpet and paint samples later. After we picked out the materials, it made picking the carpet and paint much more clear.
I started work on the sitting room first.  A fresh start gives you so many possibilities! The neutral tones make the room feel lighter and fresh. The mixing and layering of the patterns and lines in the furniture, fabrics, artwork, lamps, and rug add interest to the neutral color tones.


In the dining room we stuck with the neutral color pallet, but with a slightly different paint color to define that space. We picked out these awesome – completely custom – upholstered dining chairs that really added some look. Plus they soften the dining space. The window treatments and artwork add texture, warmth, color and interesting focal point moments.


I really enjoyed working with Dawn to create these beautiful spaces! She loved how everything turned out so much that she even sent me flowers and said I was a “Design Goddess”! Thank you Dawn for letting me help you design the space of your dreams.