Using Great Design in a Small Space

So many options for you at by Design!

One of my clients, Laurie, recently moved to a Des Moines town home. She was downsizing and wanted flexible and versatile furniture – that could also store easily. I knew Calligaris (part of our Euro Contemporary Collection) had the perfect products for her needs!


Snap console table without leaf


Snap console table with leaf

We looked at the Snap table (we have it on the floor at by Design) and all of the different options Snap has. You can get it in different sizes and finishes. And here’s the thing: the size we chose is actually a console table size that extends to a dining table. How cool is that? It’s a great space saver and it can be used in a variety of different ways. It doesn’t have to be a console table either, it can be used as a desk or a hallway table and it’s perfect to extend into a card table or an extra dining table for guests. The finishes we chose for the top and base are so complimentary and look beautiful together.

She wanted the chairs to be nice quality but she needed to be able to put them away when they weren’t being used. I showed her these Skin chairs. This is a comfortable, lightweight, and durable chair that can stack easily and be stored in a small closet. Plus you can use it outdoors!skin_stackable_chair

The table and chairs together are beautiful and make a unique statement. Don’t be afraid of downsizing – you can still “Wow” your guests with an awesome set like this!

Calligaris is a great quality line, especially for smaller scaled furniture. That’s one of the things makes by Design different: we have many lines that can solve your problems and fulfill your needs for your unique space.