Beautiful Rooms Benefit from Refreshed Design

A Whole Fresh Look!

I had the pleasure of getting to work with a by Design client who had a lovely home in Waukee, but wanted a fresh, updated look! I really enjoy working on these kinds of projects because it’s interesting to compare the before and after pictures of the space. In these before pictures, you can see that the space looked a bit closed off with the furniture that was there before. It made the room look and feel smaller and the colors of the furniture made it seem monotone and dark. This space really needed some interior design ideas that would make it exciting and feel more inviting.

Before pictures:

Kuehl before 1 Kuehl before 2

Jackie wanted to lighten the space with the new furniture pieces. To add a feeling of openess, we decided the best option was to put the long Luxe sofa in front of the tall windows instead of in the middle of the room like before. This works because the sofa back is low so it doesn’t block the view out the tall windows. (The extra long lines of the Luxe add a real elegance too).

After Pictures:


The two patterned chairs across from the sofa are Stephanie swivel chairs. We felt swivel chairs were the perfect choice — so that guests could turn and socialize with people in the kitchen as well as the sitting area. The big area rug makes the space feel lighter and it defines the sitting area nicely. The accent tables and lamp are a good scale adding texture and function without being too bulky. They repeat the color tones that are throughout the house and help unify the overall open space and tie in the kitchen.


The result is a fresh, brighter space that speaks to today’s contemporary aesthetic.

Do you think your space may need some fresheningup? Give me a call! It’s fun to get a whole new look that makes you and your guests feel comfortable. It will be everyone’s favorite spot in your home!