Patterns in Your Room Design

Are You Ready for the Return of Patterns in Interior Design?

Do you like a lot patterns? Well so do I! Sometimes it’s hard to decide on what patterns you want in your space which is why it’s fun to have many patterns mixed together. Some say the rule of thumb is to have up to 5 patterns in a room. Obviously you can have more or less than 5. Adding more patterns to a room can create a whole new look for your space. I think patterns make a space more fun!

You can achieve a well designed space using patterns in many of different ways. Possibilities include adding patterns with upholstery, rugs, pillows, artwork, mirrors, bedding, and accessories. A tip: start with a pattern that will be a big part of a room, such as a sofa, chair or bedding, and then pick the other patterns that will be different from the major pattern. A mix of big patterns with smaller patterns creates an interesting variety.

Starting with the major pattern can also help you pick the colors that will go in your room. Base the patterns on the colors that are in the major pattern — then pick other patterns with just one or two of the colors in the major pattern. A monochromatic color scheme is a great way to experiment with a lot of different patterns as well.

These pictures show some rooms with 5 or more patterns. Create and Enjoy!

by Ellissa Wiley

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