Maximum seating with minimum space

This was a unique project in a very unique space! My client Julie wanted to have maximum seating in her small living room to accommodate her big family when they visit.

She loved the Colton style and we loved that it was the right size and style for the design and room. The Colton can be configured into a u-shaped sectional which allows the space to feel open and not closed off while maximizing the overall use of the space. It has a nice low profile that allows lots of light to come through the big beautiful windows in her living room.

big colton sectional

The fun floor lamp we chose added some light to the dark corner and the shape of the lamp added much-needed height to the room.

We also added a big round mirror that filled the wall perfectly while also providing more light to the space since there are no lights in the ceiling.

The beautiful end table by Charleston Forge is a nice heirloom piece that is the perfect size for the nook between the sectional and the wall. The leather ottoman in the center of the sectional draws your eye in and pulls everything together.

big colton sectional

Do you have a small space that needs some impact? Let a designer help out!