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Combining old and new in a room you love.

The Stiths came into by Design hoping to figure out how to update the lower-level space of their Ankeny home — while keeping some furniture pieces they already owned. And, of course, everything needed to work together. This a picture of what their space looked like before:


Stiths wanted to keep this leather chair in the space, so we started with it – and worked the rest of the room around it. When they first  came into the store, they loved the Kaden sectional from American Leather. It’s a great choice, the Kaden is an unbeatable combination of style and comfort. We picked a leather for the sectional to coordinate with the chair.


This is the after picture of the space. Wow what a difference! The space feels more open and very updated. The Lily ottoman was a fun touch to the middle of the space that added warmth (we chose an animal print fabric we chose for it!) The sleek gold-toned pillows on the sectional tied all of the colors in the space together. Plus they added a bit of sheen and luxury.


They wanted a unique shelf to hold some pictures and treasured items. This live edge wood shelf was perfect for the look. It has warmth, texture and functionality.


There is a guest bedroom in the lower level that needed something some personality. The Stith’s wanted something with color that was interesting. Fair enough. Here is a before picture:


And, here is the after picture! I thought it would be a good idea to add a big, bold piece of art into the room. This was a great way to add in color and it added some height to the room.


This was a unique and challenging project – that was fun to put together. Plus, it is a good example of how you can really update a space by adding key pieces AND you can still keep things that you love or that are special to you and your family. Thank you Stith family!


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