How To Design Your Room Around Your Bold Area Rug

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When customers Wayne and Patty came into our store, they knew right away that they wanted all new furniture for their room. But the one thing they didn’t want to get rid of was their beautiful rug.  They really wanted to keep the rug because they both loved it and wanted to work the rest of the space around this piece.

The wonderful thing about starting the design of a room with the rug is that it gives you a chance to build a space piece by piece using colors featured in the rug. We thought it would be best to keep the furniture neutral with patterned accent pillows since the rug was so vibrant. All furniture that we picked out for the room is from our custom line Norwalk Furniture. We love this line since it’s high quality and made in America…actually made in Ohio!

Sherri's Clients Living Room

We used primarily neutral fabrics in this room to make the space feel welcoming and relaxing. The rug kept the room interesting with its many colors, and the neutral fabrics on the upholstery balanced all these colors out nicely.

Sherri's Clients Living Room
Sherri's Clients Living Room

We had many laughs and I had such a fun time working with Wayne and Patty! Thank you so much for trusting me with your project!

I’d love to design your room in any style you like – we’re here to make your vision come to life!

Please reach out if you’d like to schedule an appointment with me. I also love to do in-home design consultations…if you’d like to learn how this consultation works, please download our graphic below!
Download our Design Consultation Explanation.

Design Consultation Explanation

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