How does fabric grade relate to quality?

Simply put… it doesn’t.

Fabric grades are used in the furniture industry to separate fabrics by cost, not by quality. A high grade, very expensive fabric in certain cases could be more delicate and an inexpensive one could be highly durable.

So how do you choose high quality fabrics? A very good question. Your only recourse is to question more deeply. Consider these points:

  1. Check the fabric content. Certain yarns have very wear-resistant characteristics, while other don’t.
  2. Choose a fabric that won’t show color transfer or other household issues that fabrics normally get through time and usage.
  3. Check to see how tightly the fabric is woven. Loose weaving will tend to both distort and wear faster than a nice dense weave.
  4. Check the manufacturer warranty. A few manufacturers test their fabrics for wear and then add a two year warranty.
  5. Understand that there can be a comfort vs wear trade off. Some of the most durable and stain-resistant of fabrics have a fairly hard feel. Some very comfy, soft fabrics are more prone to stain and wear.

Please never me shy about asking our designers specific questions about the fabrics. Much of the information is right on the tags attached to the samples. And, we can take other concerns direct to the fabric mill.