Fixing Your Interior Design Small Space Problem

Seven ways to get the most out of small spaces.

Most of us face some kind of space constraint. But, good design and thoughtful choices can alleviate yours.

1. Storage. There are several ways to accomplish this in small spaces. Bookcases in any room or under a staircase are great for storing and displaying. Credenzas and chests are another good storage option that are stylish and can really add something to a space.metal_wall_storage_unitmirrored_front_credenza

2. Mirrors. Adding a mirror to any space will make it appear bigger. A floor mirror is great for this illusion and will make your space feel bigger, brighter and more complete.leaner_floor_mirror_by_Design

3. Arm tables and drink tables. Don’t have enough room for an end table but you want something to put your drink on? Arm and drink tables are perfect. You can move them around the room easily – they’re very versatile! Some of them can fit over sofas or ottomans so they can save a lot of room in your space.accent_tabledrink table
4. Baskets. If you already have shelving but don’t want to have absolutely everything in your room on display, baskets serve as a classy way to clean up some clutter. Baskets can also help you stay organized and know where everything is in your room. You can hang baskets on the wall for storage as well.

5. Storage Ottomans. Storage ottomans are really great for storing things you don’t need laying out all the time. We even sell an ottoman that has a desk that comes out. Along with having an ottoman to put your feet up when sitting on the sofa, some ottomans are as tall as a chair seat so if you need extra seating at your kitchen table just pull one up, double use! I’m personally a big fan of ottomans.using_baskets_for_storage
6. Sleepers. If you don’t have a guest room for when people stay over, no worries! Sleepers can come in a variety of different sizes and configurations. Our comfort sleepers from American Leather come in a chair, sofa, or sectional in a cot size all the way up to king sized bed. This is a great space saver and it’s the most comfortable sleeper you’ll ever sleep in! We also sell a sleeper from Norwalk that’s an ottoman, check it out!twin_sleeper_in_chaircomfort_sofa_sleeper
7. Dressers. A dresser can save even more space… if you put it in your closet! We have plenty of unique dressers that you can choose from in a variety of different styles.reeded_front_dresser
If you need help arranging any size of space, give me a call or stop in the store and we can come up with some unique and creative ways to pull it all together in your space.

by Elissa Wiley