Design Challenge: A room with two focal points

Judy and Kent Guthrie came to by Design looking for some design help with their very large living room. They wanted furniture that had clean lines and an updated look. Their television was on one side of the room, while their fireplace was on the other side of the room. Therefore…they needed furniture that could face both sides of the room. A design challenge!

Design Plan

After looking at the space and measuring, I thought the Corbin sectional from American Leather would be a perfect solution. It has a low back and with the right pieces, it can be very versatile, which is exactly what they needed. We decided that three large ottomans on the back side of the sectional would really make a statement in the room and serve a versatile purpose. They can sit on the ottomans on the back side to face the fireplace if they wanted, and they can move the ottomans around the space. The big sectional and ottomans provide a lot of seating for when guests come over.  

I also added an American Leather Comfort Recliner to their design plan (which is always a client favorite) and a cool media piece from BDI.

For this large space, I thought a cool color scheme would be a nice look with cool neutrals and a little pop of blue.

purple color scheme

After Photos

As you can see, the space automatically feels more open and inviting. The new arrangement creates a more inclusive vision that brings the whole room together as one. The scale of the furniture feels right in this space.  Now the Guthrie’s and I will work on accessories and wall art (and rugs) for their new space, which will tie the whole room together!  



Client's finished room Client's finished room







Do you have a large space and don’t know how to arrange it? Give me a call!