7 Tips on Mixing Wood and Metal Finishes

No Fear! Show your creative side!

Is it OK to mix different colors of woods and metals together in the same space?

I’ve gotten this question recently. And, it’s a fair question. My answer is YES! It’s very “in” and stylish right now to have a mixture of finish colors. Its a great way of elevating your room design to a new level of sophistication.kent_sofa_by Design_rustic_chic_room

  1. Mixing different metal finish colors makes a space more surprising and exciting. Metal can be used as a focal point because of it’s shininess. It adds a little sleekness to a room and it can be the final touch that your room is looking for.
  2. The most common ways to add and mix metal finishes is with lamps, end tables, coffee tables, wall metal pieces, hardware on drawers, accessories, frames, and more!
  3. Another trending way to add some metal to your room is with nail-heads on upholstery. Metal finishes are a fun way to mix things up in a room and create a whole new look!kaden_sofa_detail_by Design_furniture
  4. You can mix many colors of wood with different pieces in your space such as upholstery legs, coffee tables, end tables, dining tables and chairs, dressers, picture frames, accessories, and more! As you can see in this picture there are a lot of different colors of wood in the space but it all works together to create a unique look.
  5. The different wood colors create a contrast in the space, which also adds dimension and visual interest.
  6. Repetition of darker woods make certain pieces stand out so don’t be afraid to add some contrast to your space.
  7. Do you love a wood end table but it’s not the same color of wood that’s in the rest of the room and you’re afraid it might stand out too much? That’s OK! Add some accessories with a similar color as that wood finish to balance it out.milford_sectional_by Design_furniture

If you need some help with figuring out what wood and metal finishes to put together, stop in the store or make an appointment with me. We can figure it out together! Have fun mixing and matching!

by Elissa Wiley

custom_series_sofa_by Design_furniture