What is Your Design Style?

Tell your personal story

Modern Luxury

Rich Minimalism is not a contradiction to you. The designs, materials, and execution of this look are very “architectural”.

And while your room can be very dramatic, it somehow also embodies a calm serenity when you need it to.

Euro Contemporary

Typified by Italian and Scandinavian design, this style incorporates simple, yet beautiful, lines with a scale that is ideal for today’s urban living.

Practical. Comfortable. And technically advanced too.

Euro Contemporary incorporate neutrals but isn’t afraid of a bit of
amazing color.

New Classic

You live at the intersection of classic forms and today’s updated looks.

You love to mix a treasured piece with a brand new acquisition -as long as they tell the same, elegant story.

You feel that those special details elevate a room to something special.


Simple Chic

You love products, finishes, and colors that embody modern design – yet nod to the classic.

For you, modern must be warm. Comfort is critical, but you won’t accept sacrificing beauty to have it.

Your color palette reflects your upbeat viewpoint.

Eclectic Collector

You’re a bit bohemian and completely open-minded in your
design aesthetic.

You add what you love, and your personal sense of collection is what ties your look together.

Rich colors and detail often work well with this style. Add pieces selectively – your room is curated, not thrown together.

Bit of Glamour

You love details, don’t you? Molding, patterns or a pretty metallic finish. Ornate shapes are romantic and a bit of extra frill is so satisfying.

You definitely use patterns, but they are subtle. Tufting is a wonderful detail and nailheads can enhance the lines and finish a piece perfectly.

The dazzle of your room often comes from glowing metal finishes.