Your First Color Trends for 2016

New interior design trends offer you fresh looks for 2016

Norwalk Furniture has posted a YouTube video of their 2016 color trend forecasts. Greys remain the most powerful neutral color and blues continue their wide popularity. As we’ve written before, colors are re-emerging in several fresh new palettes. New-Floral has the most intense combination of colors. Street Cred is a colorful new urban motif and Damask Rose uses a wonderful new accent color.

2015 Color Trend Mineral Blues 1
  1. Mineral Blues. Blues continue their strength led by turquoise and indigo hues. Asian inspired patterns add a real contemporary feeling to these fabrics.2015_color_trend_neo-floral
  2. Neo-Floral. This is a vividly colorful palette often presented with green, pink and black colors. The bold, large-scale patterns are frequently tropical or botanical.2015_color_trend_street_cred
  3. Street Cred. This hip, new urban look uses graphics and over-scaled elements. New color palletes use deep greys with mulberry accents.2016_color_trend_damask_rose
  4. Damask Rose. A sophisticated, feminine, bit more dressy trend – Damask Rose features a soft range of shades accented with subtle flesh tones.

by Design will have all the new fabrics featuring these trends on our Des Moines fabric wall in October. You’ll begin to see furniture and groups shortly thereafter. Please come in and see the new trends!