You should consider a sleeper – really!

A new sleeper design changes the whole game

Sleeper sofas (and sleeper loveseats and even sleeper chairs) have changed dramatically.  Now, for the first time, sleepers can be so comfortable you wouldn’t mind sleeping on them yourself.  This all comes about because the designers and engineers figured out how to put a full-length, memory foam mattress inside a sleeper.

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You’ve seen the memory foam advertised on TV.  Perhaps you sleep on a memory foam mattress yourself.  As great as this technology is, it is an even more amazing change for the sleeper.  Rather than folding up an innerspring mattress (a really bad idea when you think about it) the memory foam mattress is divided into three snugly fitted sections.  When extended, it flows into one whole mattress.  And the sections haven’t been squished and mashed together for months.

There’s more.  By extending the mattress space into the back of the sofa, they were able to lengthen the mattress out to full length.  Older sleepers were frequently up to 6″ shorter!

This all adds up to a new level of comfort.  And wait to you see the tailoring and comfort.  They’re available in thousands of fabrics and leathers.  We love them.  Come on into our store and try them out!

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