Winter Do-Over at Home

I love the Christmas season but am always ready to get everything put away and get new things out for the winter season.

Marlene Warren, our merchandise manager here at by Design, has been working her miracles here at the store.  New merchandise has been arriving all month and she is making everything look so great.

In our black and white room, she painted horizontal black and white stripes.  They look terrific!!!  We are going to update the room and put green in to liven it up!  Black and white is ALWAYS great.  It is somehow both timeless and trendy (sounds impossible, but it’s true).  But wait till you see it with a splash of green.  It will be so much fun!  Just a thought for any of you looking for some freshness — add a new accent color to change the entire feel of a room.  New pillows, artwork, ottoman, a new chair!  This is where we shine at by Design.

We would love to help you!