Why would you want your room to be boring?

When Gaming and Interior Design Collide

Yes, you read correctly, gaming.  It’s happening!  Finally, a concept that can bridge the gap between stylish interior design and the “man-cave” desire.

When adding the finishing touches to a room, consider a gaming piece to fill that empty spot.  Now, I know what you’re thinking (did she really just suggest we put a foosball table in our living room?!), and I was skeptical too… until I saw the new take on these classic games. Being an avid gamer myself, I couldn’t wait to share them with you!

These amazing wooden pieces are crafted with beautiful antiquity and can easily blend into the right room environment (wow, is that really a ping pong table?), or can be placed to act as a statement or focal point. They’re such beautiful furniture pieces, that I would be proud to place these in any by Design interior design plan.poker_table

The poker table has a cast iron base and leather around the top edge, perfect for guys’ night. The ping pong table net can be removed to transform into a functional large dining or conference table.  And let’s not forget the foosball and shuffleboard (yes, shuffleboard!) tables!ping_pong_table

Whether you are looking to transform a room, or just looking to bring in a finishing piece, consider this fun and unexpected concept – you might be pleasantly surprised!

Happy Gaming!