Why should our furniture display matter to you?

Maureen just had a neat experience with a customer that I would like to share with you. She was working with a gentleman in the store and he told her that he had been to furniture stores all over Iowa. Our store, he said, had been the only store who had not tried to sell him something off the floor. Maureen said that this client was so appreciative that we wanted to know about the room, how he lived in it and that we really cared about his room. What’s more, he loved that we wanted to do a floor plan for his room.

I don’t think this prospective customer has ordered anything (yet). He may not ever buy anything. But, I love the fact that he noticed what makes us different than other stores!

Frankly, the furniture you see on our floor doesn’t matter at all. It is only there to show you what we can do – to stimulate your imagination. Our floor display is simply a tool to help us help you.

It is all about our clients and what they want. It is not about us or some sofa or other piece of furniture that we got a good deal on and are trying to blow out. Our imperative is to listen to our customer and to create a room that she loves… and it can be so affordable!