What Is Your Style?

What is your style?  To some, their sense of style is a defining element of their identity – even of their life.  Others really don’t know what their style is because they’ve given it very little thought.  But for most people it is knowledge worth pursuing.  Though it might sound frivolous, this insight can make your life better in so many ways.  Surrounding yourself with colors, fabrics, spaces and special things that you find comfortable and beautiful can make your life… well, more comfortable and beautiful.

And it’s fun to do. It’s a mission.  It’s an exploration.  It’s certainly a journey.  You look, you feel, and you note how you react to the visual things and spaces you see every day.  You think about what makes you feel relaxed and what makes you feel stimulated.  You understand what makes you feel comfortable and what pushes back at you.  And you begin to bring all of this back and put it together into how you want your little corner of the room to feel and look.

You are a self-aware being and you can shape your environment to your needs.

Let us help you if you are unsure.  We ask our customers to look at magazines or online and look at rooms that they like.  We think Pinterest.com is a good place to see things that you might like (we’ve just started working on our by Design pin boards).  But just good old shelter magazines are great also!!  It’s not rocket science — it just takes a bit of exploring.

And enjoy.  We want you to have fun!!!  Laughter is a great sound that I love to hear on the floor!!

by Bonita Clark