Voyage: Sherwin-Williams 2015 Color Trend

Sherwin-Williams has released four updated interior design color trends looking to 2015.  We’ll feature each of the five in a post.

The Voyage color trend is a forward-looking palette.  It is evocative of both outer and inner space.  Voyage is a natural color palette, but it is nature found in exciting new places deep in the ocean or out in space.  This is a trend more about questing and learning than retreating and relaxing.  Yet, Sherwin-Williams has selected tones that humanize the group.

The neutral colors in the palette use much of today’s gray hues, yet the brighter colors certainly would take your room to a brighter (more adventurous and fun!) place.


What does this mean for me?

This is a great color palette for those who want a more vibrant, more outgoing feeling to their room.  This is for a room and a person who wants to invite the world in and learn from it.  The palette is warm, yet very relaxed.  It is also style neutral – you could apply this palette to almost any of today’s design styles.

This palette is so balanced in color hues that you could use virtually any of the colors as your main, anchor color.  A sofa or a sectional in these would be fabulous.  Then your accent colors would be chosen from the rest of the palette and woven in with chairs and other furniture, pillows, art work and accessories.

by Bonita Clark