Using COM Fabrics on Custom Furniture in Your Room.

Should I be afraid of COM fabrics?

green-brown-fabricCOM is an acronym standing for “Customer’s Own Material”. It was devised by furniture manufactures to mean any fabric that wasn’t their own. If a fabric is applied that is not from the manufacturer’s line it is therefore COM regardless of whether it’s source is the retailer or the ultimate retail customer.

COM Fabric Rewardspurple-fabric

We think COM fabrics add so much to so many rooms. Our vendors do a great job of selecting fabrics that work wonderfully with their frame designs. But, given the vast array of fabrics and color-ways available from fabric vendors around the world, those selections are inevitably limited. The greatest rewards, the overwhelming reasons to use COM fabric on your custom sofa, sectional or chair are for choice and design. The additional color, design and fun that they add to your design are one of the key things that will elevate your room to “perfect”. We don’t think you should begin your room with limitations.

COM Fabric Risks

Candidly, there are some downsides to COM:

orange-fabricFirst, it will slow your order down a bit. Probably not a lot, but some. And occasionally a COM fabric is very slow and slows things down a lot. We’ll try to keep on top of your order status and notify you so that you and your designer can decide if the fabric is worth the wait.

Second, COM fabrics won’t fall under a furniture manufacturer warranty. Some manufacturers warrant their own fabric for limited amounts of time. COM fabric on their products won’t have this guarantee.

So… is it worth it to use COM fabrics in your room?

We have to go with a big, resounding YES. We think the extra sparkle and choice that they bring to your rooms is well worth the small downsides.  But then, that’s us.  After all… we live for cute.

by Bonita Clark