Des Moines Condo Epitomizes Urban Sophistication

A unique 360 degree view of Des Moines

This great project offered the opportunity of working with an engaged customer and a talented outside designer. When ideas and creativity flow three minds are definitely better than one.

Urban Sophistication.  That was the look and the lifestyle these clients were after. And they ended up with an amazing condo in downtown Des Moines. You might get some idead of the unique 360 degree views of the city from these photos. Of course, wonderful views like these powerfully affect an interior design plan.
The two Zazu swivel chairs we chose can swivel to the grouping or around to enjoy the view for morning coffee. In fact, as they hosted a party over the summer, they just swiveled the Chaz chairs to a new direction, then moved from balcony to balcony and enjoyed the best view for that time of day.
  Two neutral print Chaz chairs are great for star gazing too. This big city sophistication is available in Des Moines – not just New York or London.
I love the organic aspect of this Nuevo server piece. The mirrored front give the feeling of water is flowing right through it. The leather Marshall chair and ottoman group is very zen & calm in the master suite with the caster ottoman doubling as a seat at her vanity.

I love the way all of the people and pieces of this project came together to create this wonderful room.

by Laura Beeler