Hot Design Trend: Upholstered Beds

Hot Design Trend: Upholstered Beds post image

Make Your Bed

We’ve just added a new group of custom upholstered beds to our floor. We’ve put them in our “neutrals” room and we’ve brought in three different profiles in fabrics and leathers to try to give a sense of the huge selection available.

Giselle-leather-headboardAnd huge it is. You’ll be able to choose from different heights, different shapes, pleated or plain, deeply tufted or intricately patterned. Nail-head trim is available in a selection of finishes.

Add in thousands of leathers and fabrics and the choice is immense. Of course, you don’t need choice… you need the perfect bed for your room. And that is what a huge choice makes possible.

Between you and your designer, you’ll winnow the wheat from the chaff. The huge selection will rapidly narrow down, and you’ll focus in on just one with the design, the execution, the colors and the textures that will become the focal point and foundation of your perfect bedroom.


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