Unrestrained: Sherwin-Williams 2015 Color Trend

Sherwin-Willilams has released four updated interior design color trends looking to 2015.  We’ll feature each of the five in a post.

Unrestrained is the most colorful, vibrant palette of the four.  Full-on color and attitude is what this trend is all about.  The palette is inspired by the wonderful variety of Ethnic design around the world.  It’s all about bold patterns and colors used in exciting and imaginative ways.  Crafts and hand-made items look particularly great with this palette.


What does it mean for me?

If you’re in this most adventurous group, the Unrestrained palette gives you the tools to express your vitality and individualism – yet do it in the most competent, put-together way.  What could be better.  Unrestrained, yet sophisticated.  You can show your love of color in a wonderfully satisfying way.

At by Design, we would frequently use the more vivid colors in this palette as accents – splashes of fun to light up your room.  That could be on anything from pillows to chairs – to art work – to accessories – to paint color.  Then we would tie the colors together with the slightly more basic, more neutral colors on sofas and sectionals.  Even a palette this bold can be comfortable and livable for years.

by Bonita Clark