Transitional Design

What is Transitional Design?

It’s a blend of modern and traditional style that brings the best aspects of both styles together into an updated comfortable, yet classic way to live.

Want to incorporate transitional design into your home? Here are some tips to make this look work for you!

1. Choose furniture with simple clean lines or curves – no fussy overstuffed looks.

2. Keep your color palette neutral or classic – the room should feel sophisticated, not trendy.

3. Don’t overfill the room with accessories – a transitional room should feel clean and minimal.

4. Add interesting geometric elements to the room – either with a wall treatment or fabric or a rug.

5. Be sure to add a touch of black to each transitional room – it grounds the room and makes it a touch more classic.

6. You can choose modern or traditional light sources for this look – just make sure the lighting looks clean and simple or you’ll take this look into the eclectic bent pretty quickly.

7. Muted colors and neutrals in wall colors will keep this style transitional.

8. Symmetry is a good way to balance the modern elements – groups of chairs, ottomans, lamps, even sofas will guide your eye and make these modern elements look more traditional.

9. Texture, texture, texture! Add great throws and pillows to give the room dimension.

by Design is the perfect place to design a transitional room with our capability to combine any of our over 2000 fabrics with any of our hundreds of sofa and sectional styles. We can make a modern sofa transitional by adding a traditional geometric fabric – or we can make a traditional wingback chair modern by adding a cool linen fabric. Our store is a transitional design lovers dream because it’s so easy to combine modern and traditional elements with custom designed furniture.

We’d love to help you design the transitional room of your dreams…call us to set up your complimentary in-home design consultation today!