Top 5 Design Trends of 2019?

Four Hands identifies 5 Trends Influencing 2019 Interior Design

Four Hands is a consistent style leader. We rely on them for an amazing stream of new and wonderful pieces. Here are five design themes this visionary company sees for the coming year:

1. Earth Tones

Beautiful blues, deep greens and rust hues lend a nature-inspired look to a range of upholstered seating styles, from top-grain leather to soft boucle.

2. Sculpted Curves

Easy edges lend softness to linear shapes, spurring an intriguing paradox of form and feeling. These looks reflect the high level of intent behind each style’s every curve and corner.

4H Greer Sectional m

3. Sophisticated Materials

Fine finishes bring modernity to familiar materials, whether wood, glass, marble or iron. Techniques like etching, reeding, wire-brushing and oxidation bring texture into the mix.


4. Bunching & Layering


We’re drawn to the beauty of experience, designing pieces conducive to the evolution of a space. Nesting allows for adaptation with ease, while crafting a curated, lived-in look.

5. Statement Seating

Bauer-leather-chairs m

Think presence: dramatic scale, sculpted arms, sling seats – and details: strappy accents, metal framing, mixed materials and rich hues. Watch for clever takes on comfort too, like swivels, rockers and recliners.


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