This Barrington Sofa Really Wows Em.

Adding Unexpected Elements Makes Interior Designs Vibrant

The surprise of unexpected elements in your design give a dynamic quality to your project. Frequently we accomplish this by using a piece, or a finish, or a texture in a slightly out-of-context way. We think that it gives humor and humanity to a room. You don’t have to scream “I’m unique.” You just subtly show it.

In this case, the white leather and white finished feet add a clean, contemporary edge to the more traditional design elements of the Barrington sofa. Silver nailheads emphasize the lines and complete the surprise.

The Barrington would fall into a style which might be called New Traditional. It takes traditional design elements and adds contemporary scale, tailoring and details. Of course it will look wonderful in a traditional design. But, just remember the lesson of mixing in a little of the unexpected.