The End of The New Hot Thing in Interior Design

There is no new hot thing in design – there are a hundred.

And why conflicting interior design trends are good news for you.

This is a re-post of a trend report from April 2014. That’s a long time in the fashion and interior design business. But we still think it makes an important point. Hope you do too.

In today’s world, there are always multiple hot trends.  And some are completely at odds.  And that’s great!  We love them all, but what is important is finding the perfect look for your room.

Here are three stories Laura & I saw strengthening at market (click on any image to enlarge, then page through them):

1. Colors vs. Neutrals.

Colors (Particularly blues) are everywhere:  [nggallery id=163]

And yet, Neutrals continue to gain strength:  [nggallery id=164]

2. Golds vs. Silvers.

Brass and Copper are showing up with great new looks:  [nggallery id=166]

But, Chrome and Silver still dominate:  [nggallery id=167]

3. Glam vs. Casual Comfort.

Glam looks are wonderful:  [nggallery id=168]

However, Casual Comfort hasn’t faded a bit:  [nggallery id=169]

We don’t want to live in a world with just one popular home decor look.  Boring!  As long as our designers make you and your lifestyle the center of our design story — we’ll create the room that expresses your unique sense of style.  Your perfect room.

Bonita Clark