The Quincy sofa… the sofa I chose for me.

A designer is sometimes her own toughest customer.

Designing or choosing for someone else can be freeing.  But, when you choose for yourself, all sorts of issues emerge.  How will people judge me when they see my room?  Eventually, you get over it and just choose things you love.  Here is the sofa I chose:

Who says bigger is better?

Not everyone lives in a McMansion.  In fact, hardly anyone does.  For the rest of us, smaller scale furniture can make a big impact on the design of your room.  Just ask me (Sherri).  I chose the Quincy sofa from American Leather.  The Quincy is a 78″ long sofa that is only 30″ deep.  It has a Retro appeal that will easily fit in an uptown loft — or any small room.

Sherri Bruckshaw