The New Brass Finishes

Wonderful warm finishes may be perfect for your room.

Recently, warm metal finishes on furniture and home decor have come back strong. Copper and bronze have led the way, but now brass itself is becoming and interior design trend.  Of course, it isn’t the cheap (shall we say brassy) look you saw back in the seventies. For the most part it is a subtler, lower luster finish. And, it is all about adding warmth and richness to your room.



This doesn’t mean you should tear out and throw away all the steel and chrome you’ve selected. How about combining them? Seriously, an intelligently edited room with several metal finishes will look more collected, more individual and more sophisticated. It takes a bit of thought and a light touch, but the results can be great. Here’s a room with brass, chrome and steel:


At by Design, we’ve been adding these finishes more and more to our floor groups in our store in Des Moines. This is just the beginning.