The Bench – The Perfect Accessory for Any Room

The Bench – The Perfect Accessory for Any Room post image

We know you need extra seating. Instead of pulling out the classic metal folding chairs – we think you should invest in a beautiful upholstered bench.

American Leather Bench


A beautiful bench adds so much to any room.

Fourhands Bench

It can be a place to put up your feet and get comfortable.


Or a makeshift coffee table…


Ottoman bench


Or a place to add some visual interest in a room.


Fourhands Bench


A great upholstered bench (in leather or fabric) encourages your guests to stop and sit. It allows you to create some interesting moments in your room.

American Leather Bench

Visit us at by Design this holiday season and check out our great selection of custom and unique benches!

And…come by December 8 and 15 for our Holiday Market – we’ll have local vendors selling holiday gifts! Do your Christmas shopping at by Design this year.


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