West Des Moines, Iowa


“By Design has been our “go to” furniture store since we moved up to Iowa. Jessica helped us furnish our downstairs. We have also purchased other accessories, ie pictures and lamps, for the rest of the house. Currently our main level is starting to blossom with By Design.”

Laura Beeler - Interior Designer - By Design Furniture + Interior Design - Des Moines Iowa

“Laura was a good listener and extremely easy to work with. She will make certain you get the furnishings that are right for you! Our first experience with By Design was more than 20 years ago and they have been our go-to place for style and quality!”

Laura Beeler - Interior Designer - By Design Furniture + Interior Design - Des Moines Iowa

“Laura helped me select furniture for a whole first-floor remodel. She made the process easy and enjoyable! After discussing my preferences she seemed to understand just what I wanted. I wanted a beautiful, but comfortable feel and that is just what she created. I would highly recommend her advice to anyone.”

Five Star Review - Laura Beeler - By Design

“We had so much fun yesterday working on our design for our living room with Laura!  I woke up early this morning thinking about how it will feel like a whole new home all over again. I just can’t stop smiling about your original design and the modifications we chose. It will be beautiful!  Thanks [...]

Five Star Review - Laura Beeler - By Design

“From the first day I met Laura I felt comfortable in her hands. My worries that I would be pushed into expensive furniture were gone. Laura worked with me to try to find what I wanted even when I didn’t know. I ordered a fabric and had a couch made for my exact needs for [...]


“I love my new swivel rocker and footstool! Thank you, Jessica, so much for your design help!!!”

“Working with Laura was a pure delight. She listened well and guided me towards these chairs which are as sturdy as they are comfortable. They are the perfect addition to my open-concept floor plan with an attractive and interesting back view. You can’t go wrong with the exceptional designers at By Design.” West Des Moines

“WOW! The colors are just perfectly put together in the space! Laura was on point with every design selection and captured all of our requests for function, space, and style!” “The rug is remarkable, not only tying together all of the furniture and color selections but the existing features of the home—the beams and fireplace [...]

“I walked into By Design to look at fabrics for our new “flex space’ which is part living room, bedroom, office and hallway.  I love to look at all of their beautiful fabrics but it can also be overwhelming so I was happy when Jessica Young offered to help.  She found fabrics, furniture and home [...]


“I didn’t think we could afford custom furniture until we found By Design. Laura helps us select quality, personalized pieces that fit our style and our budget. In the end, it doesn’t cost much more to get higher quality furnishings. I feel confident buying and I know it will be delivered with care. I also [...]

Choices! Blending the right pieces, products, fabrics and finishes is the foundation of a beautiful, stylish room. You have a unique story to tell and you tell it through your room…

Recent clients of Jessica’s have been long-time BY DESIGN fans. As they say, their “whole house is from BY DESIGN.” So when they were working on a large-scale remodel of their home in West Des Moines, they decided they wanted a new look for their furniture as well. Naturally, they returned to BY DESIGN for [...]


Tess came into the store to browse and fell in love with a white ceramic marble table for her dining room. Understandable – it is a stunning table. The problem was… she was not re-doing the dining room right now. But, a perfect piece changes everything. Tess’s priorities included. As we discussed her West Des [...]

Mary and I first met in 2003 when I designed her great room the first time. Although she loved that design, as years went by a new remodel of the first floor started the ball rolling on new furniture too. We went from Shabby Chic to a timeless transitional look for her West Des Moines [...]

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I was so excited to work with my client Wendy on designing her new West Des Moines home…I had helped her furnish her last home so we already had a design relationship established when they built this new custom home. With a new, brighter, larger layout, the old furniture looked under-scaled and heavy feeling. With [...]

We moved from out of town to West Des Moines and didn’t know where to start to find furniture for our new home. Someone recommended By Design and it was exactly what we needed. The show room is filled with couches, chairs, tables etc. The best part about By Design is that you are able [...]


Creating a whole new comfortable look! I had the pleasure of working with Jan and Bob Prosperi on this project. They had just gotten a beautiful new wood floor for their West Des Moines living room — and they wanted a whole new look to go with it. They really liked the Luxe Sofa that [...]