Cottage style interior design evokes ideas of sand and shells and sun. There are a million great ways to do cottage style. Here is q quick look at ours. We renovated an old fishing cottage in 1996 at Spirit Lake.  It was tons of work.  My husband did most of the work – with an [...]

Minimal. Natural. Earthy. We think you’ll love this new take on Modern Casual interior design.


The modern home is always evolving. And, to get an idea of what that direction is — look no further than our new Modern Luxury room at by Design in Clive.

I love this new room!


Modern sensibility and rich fabrics and finishes At first blush the words modern and luxury might seem to conflict. But we don’t think so. You live a very modern life, yet you still want touches of richness and luxury in it. Hence, by Design’s new Modern Luxury room. We’ve a ways to go before we [...]

bold patterns in interior design

Are You Ready for the Return of Patterns in Interior Design? Do you like a lot patterns? Well so do I! Sometimes it’s hard to decide on what patterns you want in your space which is why it’s fun to have many patterns mixed together. Some say the rule of thumb is to have up to [...]


No Fear! Show your creative side! Is it OK to mix different colors of woods and metals together in the same space? I’ve gotten this question recently. And, it’s a fair question. My answer is YES! It’s very “in” and stylish right now to have a mixture of finish colors. Its a great way of elevating your room [...]


What do you get when you send two designers to market to purchase new items for the store? Get ready Des Moines, because by Design has some really neat things coming in. In fact, we’ve already started seeing things arrive. After an early morning plane ride into High Point, North Carolina, I finally got to [...]


Wow. Dramatic and Elegant. What a great room. We’ll be seeing a lot more of the “Char” interior design trend. Putting this light-colored Colton sectional in this deep, moody setting add incredible pop to this room.  Here is how Char is described: In Norwalk’s Char colorway we celebrate the absence of color, and the elegance [...]


Gray tones don’t mean cold Do you love the new gray tones so popular now in wood finishes and fabrics? We do. However, some of our by Design clients have worried that this fashion-forward, interior design palette might feel cold in their room. But, it certainly doesn’t have to. Take these two room shots for [...]