High Point market is the big event for furniture and interior design in North America. New products, new colors, new fabrics and new ideas are on display in dazzling abundance. We’re excited to be there, and we thought you might enjoy an expert glimpse into this world.

The Versatile Drink Table

Grace Drink Table

More Good News From Market Drink tables are so versatile, so usable, just such a valuable furniture addition to any living room or family room. Their small size means you can fit them in almost anywhere. But they are magic when you’re entertaining and can just scoot them up beside a guest or two to [...]


The Taylor collection is an elegant new introduction from the recent High Point market. It offers a selection of stain colors and finish options on the wood tops and several finish options for the steel bases. These wonderful tables are hand-forged in America. Their artisan quality makes them truly a piece to be prized for [...]

My Experience at Market


What do you get when you send two designers to market to purchase new items for the store? Get ready Des Moines, because by Design has some really neat things coming in. In fact, we’ve already started seeing things arrive. After an early morning plane ride into High Point, North Carolina, I finally got to [...]

A Trip to Pre-Market


Was it worth it for me to drive 20 hours in 3 days to go to market in Norwalk, Ohio? A resounding yes! I left on Tuesday, spent the day at the factory on Wednesday and then drove back to Des Moines on Thursday. One of our designers traveled with me. I thought it would [...]


A Small Taste of What Is To Come Bonita just returned from Pre-Market. And in a few days Laura, Andrea and Bonita leave for the High Point International Market. It’s the largest furniture & interior design show on the planet. Check out these teaser photos and be sure to check back next week as we bring our [...]


2014 Fall High Point Market Report Laura Beeler, Kevin and I went to Fall High Point Furniture Market in October.  12 million square feet of display is difficult to absorb.  Impossible in fact.  So here are a few reactions in no particular order. Need some drama and vitality in your room?  Consider red. Don’t be [...]

Before Market There’s Pre-Market! Laura and I will be going to High Point, North Carolina for the big furniture market in a couple weeks.  It is by far the largest furniture and interior design event in the world.  We do much of our discovery and learning for our by Design customers in the weeks we [...]

The Edinburgh Sofa

edinburgh sofa at by Design

With embracing wings, a sculpted back, and deeply pitched seat, the Edingburgh incorporates every comfort element in Norwalk’s repertoire. We love the new Edinburgh sofa at by Design.  Photos of if only do partial justice to the depth and luxurious comfort offered by this new style.  Cushy back and seating cushions combine with wonderful depth [...]

The New Dexter Sofa


The Dexter is a great new design from Norwalk Furniture.  It is a wonderful combination of elegance and comfort.  The important design queues are: High flared shelter arm and back Rich button-tufting Flared arms and backs with curvy, tapering lines Elegance is emphasized by single-seating cushion This design really, really works.  As is so often [...]


There is no question — going to market and finding a great new collection to bring to our floor at by Design is one of the best things that can happen.  We can’t wait to get it in… then we can’t wait to show you!  The new Modern Artisan Collection is a wonderful example.  Here [...]

High Point Spring 2014 Home Furnishings Market|by Design Des Moines

Four New Design Theme Trends from Norwalk Bonita & Laura will be trekking to the big High Point Market once again in April. It is so much fun to see what the creative minds in the home furnishings industry have come up with: New colors New fabrics Dramatic sofas, sectionals, chairs New finishes and material [...]

Design trends board

Below is a video of some of the important design trends from around the world that are informing the style and fabric introductions this Fall at the High Point market.  Fashion trends are a constant evolution. Rather than radically new things every six months, these trends are longer-term movements that are informed by fresh new [...]

Take a look at this video showing some of the new looks that Norwalk Furniture got ready for the Fall High Point furniture market.  Not everything in the video will make it to the Norwalk showroom, but it’s a great preview.  And you get to listen to Billy Joel.   We’ll get back to [...]

norwalk furniture video image

Please click Read More… (over there to the right) to view the video & read the post! Now you can click on the image below to watch it… It may seem to be a bit “inside baseball”, but if you love design, new furniture and other products for the home, High Point market is the [...]


That’s not a sofa… this is a sofa. Excuse the cinematic reference, but the new Charlotte sofa is wonderful. Between the curl-up depth, the lumbar pillows and the new premium seating option, this is an amazingly beautiful and wonderfully comfortable sofa design. The Charlotte features large nailhead trim cascading down the beautiful arm. The lumbar [...]

You’ll see some of these things in our store very soon! Laura and Bonita went to the Spring High Point Market in April and we’d like to share some of their photos with you. High Point is a gigantic affair with furniture and home decor displayed in hundreds of buildings over millions and millions of [...]

The High Point Market is the biggest event in interior design, home decor and furniture in the world. We go to every one. The High Point Market has released a video where a few celebrity designers tell us what sparks their creativity – for Nathan Turner, it’s travel; nature inspires Barry Dixon; and for Lillian [...]

It is finally starting to feel a little like Fall.  I don’t ever remember a summer like the one that we had.  A great summer for summer fun! When fall comes around, by Designers start thinking about market and new trends in furniture and accessories.  We always go to the High Point market.  It is [...]

Spring 2012 High Point Market pics!

Laura and Marlene are back from market, and they took hundreds and hundreds of photos. I’d love to share a selection of them with you. But, you’ve got to promise me not to tell Marlene that I did. She’ll have me for lunch if she sees I’ve made them public. So it will just be [...]

Many of our customers are curious about the big Furniture Market in High Point, NC every April and October.  But, we struggle to explain this unique event.  It is a very unique event.  Hundreds of buildings, some built for market and others converted from another use, vie for your attention.  Thousands of vendors create what [...]

In the home furnishings and interior design world the High Point, North Carolina market is widely acknowledged to be the largest, most important event of the year. And it happens twice a year!
Each April and October…